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Suggested Visits

Discover our wonderful Region!

This small guide is just a selection of beautiful villages to visit. In order to better savor the beauty of these places, we recommend reading a guide to the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in advance.

Composite itinerary

The Pedemontana, the Friulian Dolomites, the snows of Piancavallo and the sources of the Livenza.

The tour starts from Maniago, the city of knives, with a visit to the historic center, the Romanesque cathedral and the Cutler Consortium where you can see and buy the best products of the skilled Maniago artisans.

Departure for Valcolvera, visit to Poffabro-Frisanco, two of the most beautiful villages in Italy according to the Airone guide: fascinating houses with wooden balconies, set in the rock of Mount Jouf.

Continue towards the lake of Barcis through the pass of the Pala Barzana, mt. 800, visiting Andreis, the town of birds of prey and flowered balconies.

Highly recommended is a visit to the Alta Valcellina which includes Pian Pinedo (educational farm and wildlife park); Claut - the museum of the Clautan house, ice rink; Cimolais - visitor center of the Friuli Dolomites Park; the characteristic village of Erto and Casso and the infamous Vajont dam.

At this point you can choose the way back between two alternatives:
1) get off at Longarone and return to Pordenone via Vittorio Veneto - Sacile
2) return to Barcis and through the Caulana road you will reach Piancavallo for a cable car ride among the immaculate snows (in winter) or verdant mountains (in summer)

After the descent to Aviano, visit Polcenigo to admire the village and the sources of the Livenza.

Conclude, stop in Sacile, the garden of the Serenissima and, on the way back, to Vivaro. A stop in Pordenone for a walk in the historic center for shopping is recommended.

Itineraries for excursions

A) The hills of Livenza, Piancavallo and San Floriano Park
San Foca - Malnisio - Piancavallo - Polcenigo - Sacile - San Floriano - Cansiglio Forest and return
B) Codroipo, the market, Villa Manin, the Coach Museum of Villa Kekler and the springs
Valvasone - Codroipo - Passariano - Villa Kekler - Resurgence Park, Zoratto Mill and return
C1) Along the Tagliamento, the sacred river of Friuli and Lignano (from the springs to the mouth)
Valvasone - San Vito - Cordovado - Portogruaro - Lignano and return 
C2) Along the Tagliamento: the medieval villages on both sides of the river
Valvasone - San Vito - Cordovado - Sesto al Reghena - Teglio Veneto - Portogruaro
D) The fresh waters of the Pordenone Valleys and the Dolomiti Park
Maniago - Frisanco - Andreis - Barcis - Cimolais - Pian Pinedo - Claut and return
E) Spilimbergo: mosaics, market and codfish
Spilimbergo - Pinzano - Castelnovo - Sequals - Arba - Vivaro
F) Hills of the Tagliamento: with butterflies, griffins and hams
Spilimbergo - Pinzano - Forgaria - Cornino - Bordano - San Daniele and return
G) The valleys of silence: Tramonti valley, Cosa valley, Arzino valley
Sequals - Meduno - Tramonti - Clauzetto - Pielungo Cecconi Castle - Pinzano - Spilimbergo - Vivaro 
H) Central Friuli
Spilimbergo - Fagagna - Colloredo - Udine - Venzone - Gemona - Tarcento - Cividale - Palmanova - Vivaro
I) From Magredi to Carnia - along the Arzino and the Tagliamento
Spilimbergo - Pinzano - Pielungo - Val di Preone - Verzegnis - Tolmezzo - Venzone - Gemona - Osoppo and the Rivoli - (Susans) Bordano - Cornino - Ragogna - San Daniele -Vivaro
L) Trieste Itinerary
Aquileia - Trieste - Grado - Marano
M) Venice Itinerary
(by train or to Jesolo and Cavallino)
N) The Templars Route - By train, bike or car
Sacile - Maniago - Pinzano - Gemona

Pordenone Area (in alphabetic order)

Andreis and Barcis: the Lake, Museums, houses and eagles, the Valcellina Touristic Small Train, the Old Valcellina Road 
Castions: Pagura Distillery - the Friuli Grappa
Cavasso Nuovo: Brewery- the Meni Beer 
Cimolais and Claut: Friuli Dolomites Park, Pian Pinedo, Museum "Casa Clautana"
Castelnovo: 24 Small Villages and 100 Trails 
Clauzetto: Pradis Caves, the Source, the Cheeses of the Valleys in the Val Cosa Dairy 
Cordovado: the Medieval Village 
Domanins: the Cellar - the Wines of "I Magredi" Company
Erto and Casso: the Vajont Dam, the Stone Houses and the Visitor Center
Frisanco and Poffabro: Museum “Da li mans di Carlin”, one of the villages part of the Association "I borghi più belli d’Italia" – the Cribs
Lestans: Villa Ciani and Archaeological Collection
Montereale: Pitter Historic Hydroelectric Power Plant (1850) and Scientific Laboratory
Maniago: Knives & more, the Museum of Cutlery and the Showrooms for purchases, the Cathedral, the Center and the Museum of Blacksmith Art, Bicycle Museum
Pielungo: Conte Ceconi Castle 
Pinzano: the Cellar- the Native Wines of Bulfon and Ronco Cliona
Porcia: the Historic Center and the Castle
Polcenigo: San Floriano, the Sources of Livenza, Gorgazzo, Historic Center and Castle 
Pordenone: Shopping Tour in the Historic Center and Walk under the Arcades, Museums, the Long River Noncello, Tour of the Osterie
Rauscedo: Cellars - the Roots of Wine 
Sacile: the Historic Center, Churches and Gardens
San Vito al Tagliamento: the Medieval Square
Sequals and Solimbergo: Mosaics, the House of Carnera, the Village of Solimbergo and the Castle
Sesto al Reghena: the Medieval Village and the Abbey
Spilimbergo: the “Asin dei Tosoni” Cheese, the Mosaics of the Mosaic School, Medieval Village and Castle
Travesio and Toppo: the Villages, the Ruins of the castle
Tramonti: the Lakes, the Natural Pools, the Pitina
Valvasone: the Medieval Village
Vito d’Asio: Parish church of San Martino

Historical Friuli, Udine Mountains, Gorizia, Trieste

Aquileia: Roman Vestiges
Arta Terme: the Thermae, Zuglio, Roman Remains, the Romitorio and Randice ranch
Bordano: the Village of butterflies
Carnia: Carnia, Celts and Romans 
Cavazzo Carnico: Lake of Cavazzo /
Cividale: Lombarde Vestiges, Wines 
Colloredo di Montalbano: Castle and morainic hills 
Codroipo: the Risorgive Park, Villa Manin, Villa Kekler and the Coach Museum 
Cornino and Ragogna: Pond and Grifoni, Tagliamento Beach 
Fagagna: “Cocel” Rural Life Museum, Castle and Birdlife Oasis
Flaibano: “Prati di Coz” Educational Park
Gemona: Cathedral and Historic Center 
Gorizia: Historic Center and Castle
Grado: Historic Center and Beach
Lignano: Zoo Park, Sabbiadoro Beach 
Marano: Lagoon Oasis, Visitor Center 
Osoppo: The Sources of Bars and the fort
Palmanova: The Fortress City and Museum, the Medieval Village
Redipuglia: Sacrarium and Paths of the Great War
Rive d’Arcano: the Castle, the Hills, the Cellar
San Daniele: the Historic Center, the Garneriana Library, the Raw Ham
Staranzano: Cona Island
Strassoldo: Village and the Castle 
Susans:Castle and Hills
Tarcento: Villanova Caves
Tolmezzo: Gortani Museum and Historic Center 
Trieste: Carso, Grotta Gigante, Terrano, Miramare and Duino Castle, Historic Center and San Giusto
Udine: Historic Center, Museums and Osterie
Venzone: Cathedral and Historic Center
Villalta di Fagagna: Castle and Morainic Hills