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Agricampus - Summer Camps for Groups

Summer Camps for Groups and Associations

Our Summer camps can be organized not only for schhols during school period but also for groups or association during summer time.

A stop on the farm, both a one-day visit or a longer stay, will be an opportunity for a cheerful, carefree, but instructive experience. In fact, the strength of the farm consists in the ability to rediscover those values ​​and traditions we were forgetting and which we are able to communicate to the new generations.

It will be a relaxing break, in the wide spaces of the farm, in close contact with nature and the authentic flavors of the earth!

Gelindo proposes themes that include experiences of peasant life lived together with the farming family; the educational farm allows children to learn about genuine food and to discover how the foods that make up our diet are produced. Our goal is to teach them the rudiments of organic farming and to recognize the true flavors of food produced according to nature with the hope that after the day, they will no longer eat stereotyped and anonymous sandwiches, asphyxiated snacks and industrially produced foods, but they will try tasty cured meats, fragrant cheeses, fragrant soups, genuine homemade sweets.

Polenta, buckwheat bread, grape juice and organic apples will accompany their day.

The new generations will also be able to understand the origins of what we eat and come to the awareness that animals are not just ready-to-use cuts of meat as we see them in butchers and shops, but living beings, friends and life companions sometimes used to nourish us, but always with respect for nature.


09.30 Welcome of the group, welcome toast with sweets, organic apple juice, and grape juice, explanation of the meaning of "educational farm" through oral illustration and/or projection of images and presentation of the itinerary in the farm
10.00 Visit to the farm with an itinerary to be covered on foot or (to be agreed) by agribus and carriage
11.00 Educational workshop-path: experience farm life and handicraft through the 5 senses
12.30 The rite of polenta: tastings of polenta cooked on a high fire and mixed by the children
12.45 The agritourism lunch: dishes and drinks produced and cooked according to nature
2.30 DEPARTURE or AFTERNOON ANIMATION: program of games and visits to be programmed with the teacher
16.30 Goodbye toast with sweets, organic apple juice, and grape juice

For all details and prices contact us!