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FRIULIAN DOLOMITES UNESCO site, world heritage site
MAGREDI, UNIQUE AND INIMITABLE protected area at the feet of the Dolomites

Welcome in the Alps-Adriatic and Mitteleuropa

The Venetian lands of Friuli

Friuli is part, together with Veneto, Slovenia and the Austrian Carinthia and Styria, of the Alps-Adriatic, which has its roots in the spread of Christianity since the 4th century, from Roman Aquileia towards the neighboring regions and the transalpine provinces of Raetia (part of the current Switzerland and Tyrol), Norico Savia (Austria and northern part of Slovenia) and Pannonia (Hungary).

Around Aquileia more than twenty dioceses are gathered, located both in the Cisalpine and beyond the eastern Alps, giving life to the largest ecclesiastical province of western Christianity.

History then took its course: first the Lombards, then the Franks, then the Empire and finally Venice, which conquered the region of Aquileia in 1420 and put an end to this great jurisdiction. The Christian populations, first united in a single patriarchy, from then on, had their own distinct civil and ecclesial life.

It is the most exotic region of Italy, a borderland, gateway to the East, a crossroads of peoples and cultures, with a huge environmental and cultural variety. A small compendium of the universe to be covered in an hour by car.

From the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea, from the Collio to the Venetian plain, Friuli welcomes you smiling with a varied display of different environments to be enjoyed little by little, in the ancient rhythm, recalling Lord Byron and James Joyce.

The position of Friuli, nestled between the Friuli Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea, presents unforgettable landscapes passing from the snow-capped mountains, to the green foothills, to the gentle hilly areas, to the orderly and cheerful grasslands and finally to the golden beaches, the cleanest of the upper Adriatic .

From Venice to Trieste, and then on to Austria, you will discover an exuberant nature, art treasures and typical products such as Collio and Grave white wines, San Daniele raw ham and organic Magredi cider. It will be a pleasant holiday, with generous and friendly people who will make you feel unique "as at the house of a brother you get along with" (Ernest Hemingway).

Magredi 1928
Ernest Hemingway and his daughter in a very rare image during a hunting trip in the Vivaro Magredi

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