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School day and stay

When learning rhymes with having fun

The school represents the environmental and social context where our children live and is a very heterogeneous reality from a cultural point of view, but also from a food point of view. With the motto "mens sana in corpore sano", in recent years more and more schools have been proposing food education projects involving not only children, but also their parents. Animations, visits, itineraries and activities and educational workshops: Nihil agricultura melius (Cicero)

Gelindo proposes themes related to peasant life, lived together with the family of farmers. The educational farm allows children to learn about genuine food and how it is produced.

Our goal is to teach them the rudiments of organic cultivation and to recognize the true flavors of foods produced according to nature, hoping that after the day, they will no longer eat stereotyped and anonymous sandwiches, snacks and frozen foods, but prefer tasty cold cuts, fragrant cheeses, fragrant soups, homemade genuine sweets.

Polenta, buckwheat bread, grape juice and organic apples will accompany their day.


The AGRICAMPUS "School Day" standard full program includes the following moments:

  • welcoming the group, welcome toast with sweets, organic apple juice, and grape juice
  • explanation of the meaning of "educational farm" by oral illustration and/or image projection and presentation of the itinerary on the farm
  • visit to the farm with an itinerary to be followed on foot or (to be agreed) by agribus and carriage
  • educational workshop: manual and sensorial experience
  • polenta ritual: tastings of polenta cooked on a live fire and stirred by the kids 
  • agriturist lunch: dishes and drinks produced and cooked according to nature
  • free afternoon: games and visits to be programmed with the teaching staff
  • greeting to the plants, animals and farmers followed by a goodbye toast with fruit, organic apple juice and grape juice

These "phases" are so proposed to better understand the objective of the visit, assimilate the contents of the food chain: "From the earth to the table" or "If you don't work the land, you will NOT eat". What is the meaning of knowing cereals if we do not know where they come from, how they are grown, how they are processed; without tasting the immediate transformation into food (at least a taste of polenta and cheese)?

That is why we suggest booking the planned sequence and not only some phases within the offer as in an "à la carte" menu, even if programs can be customized.


Program proposal

1st DAY

Arrival around 10.00
- Welcome drink and group formation
- Delivery of farm clothing
- Visit to the farm
- Lunch with partly organic dishes
- 2 hours of relaxation
- 1st didactic activity: workshop to be agreed
- Snack with homemade sweets and organic fruit
- 1st group animation
- Dinner with partly organic dishes
- Presentation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia area
- Overnight


- Muscle awakening: outdoor gymnastics
- Breakfast and continuation of the planned activities
- 2nd educational activity: workshop to be agreed
- Break with apple juice, homemade cakes and organic fruit
- 2nd group animation
- Lunch including organic dishes
- 2 hours of relaxation
- Didactic activity: workshop to be agreed
- Snack with homemade sweets and organic fruit
- Group animation
- Dinner: Barbecue in the meadows and bivouac under the stars or in the shed
- Celtic fire rite and end of holiday party
- Overnight


- Muscle awakening: outdoor gymnastics
- Breakfast
- Walk in the farm to say goodbye to animals and farmers
- Delivery of study holiday certificates
- Gifts and goodbye to guests at about 09:00
- Any morning program on the last day (not included in this offer)

For the complete offer with the relative prices based on age and program chosen contact us!

Laboratories to be agreed (click here to see the list of possible activities)

Accommodation is provided in rooms with 3/4 beds or apartments for 6 people, all equipped with internal services, TV and climate. Availability of 4 rooms for disabled people.
Daily cleaning - Change of bed linen if necessary - Change of towels every 2 days - Bathroom products

Grand buffet breakfast: organic apple juice, tea, coffee, milk, fruit, homemade pastries and cakes, bread, yogurt, honey, farm jams, eggs, cold cuts and Friuli cheeses
Lunch and Dinner (including some organic dishes): entrance, first course of your choice, second course of your choice with side dish, dessert, water and apple and grape juice. Possibility of personalized menus for allergies and intolerances.  
Snacks: at 10.30 am and 4.00 pm with homemade desserts, fruit, organic apple juice and grape juice
Part of the products are grown on the farm with a certified organic method.

In addition to normal clothing, the following items are recommended: water bottle, windbreaker/k-way, tracksuit, cap, trekking boots, long trekking socks, backpack, swimsuit, insect and sun creams, 2 large towels

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