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Single Parents

Holidays for families with only one parent

Modern life with its frenetic rhythms has made us more ambitious and, often, the couple life and the career need to compromise. The love for your children is the key to find a winning solution to spend an unforgettable holiday together!

Gelindo dei Magredi has now been a family-run farm for 3 generations and the welcome model takes example from our daily life experience. We are specialized in family holidays and Educational Farm, which allows parents to feel being on vacation too. The children find useful and enjoyable pastimes handled by qualified people by participating in the numerous animations and activities that take place every feast day, special weekends (such as Carnival or Halloween) and during the summer. Furthermore, numerous animations and activities are organized for parents and children together.

For some years now, we have been hosting families with single parents from all over Europe on a regular basis. Here they find a vacation home and other families like theirs, which made their stay even more carefree. Even in our team, there are single-parent families and this makes us aware of the needs of single parents and their children.

We can customize the holiday program according to your needs, in order to let you have unforgettable moments. Moreover, we reserve special discounts for families consisting of a single parent and a minimum of 2 children.

At Gelindo, a tailor-made holiday is a must! The staff is at your complete disposal to create the most suitable "package" to you, starting from the included services up to the farm experiences you most enjoy like them. Without forgetting to dedicate the right time to discovering the our beautiful surroundings! Spend half your vacation with us and half with the wonders that surround us. Ask for all the information you need to reception!

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