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Nature Vacation

Discovering an enchanted place

“La mia piccola, dolce Patria, compendio dell’universo"
("My little, sweet homeland, compendium of the universe")
Ippolito Nievo

Our homeland is waiting for you to make itself known, to reveal hidden panoramas, delicate flavors, fragrant wines, historic houses that narrate the history of Friuli.

An enchanted place...
We are enraptured by a deep sense of freedom, by a desire for meditation. In spring, the gray and brown grasslands start an awakening of colors that are expressed by yellow, pink, white and blue spots: a carpet of shades and scents, which invites you to lie down and take part in this show of nature.

The Magredi offer the visitor many possibilities: you can range from enchanting walks in the countryside, on horseback, by bicycle or on foot, to targeted excursions through characteristic scenarios of a past full of history. Antique houses, castles, shrines, old mills, country churches, offer the opportunity to breathe the scent of past times, the sense of the countryside, of the balance between sky and earth. Walking on the country roads makes you feel like wlaking with a stopped watch. The sense of respect for traditions is strong, it is found everywhere. History, legends and popular traditions speak to us, emerge from the hearts of the local inhabitants, alive and intense.

At Gelindo, a tailor-made holiday is a must! The staff is at your complete disposal to create the most suitable "package" to you, starting from the included services up to the farm experiences you most enjoy like them. Without forgetting to dedicate the right time to discovering the our beautiful surroundings! Spend half your vacation with us and half with the wonders that surround us. Ask for all the information you need to reception!

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